Sunday, October 07, 2012


     So Linux is a long time love of mine, one I walk away from, and go back to (like a bad marriage). Going from Redhat to Debian; from Mandriva to PCLinux; from Knoppix, to Ubuntu; Mint to SUSE: Gentoo to Slackware. Riding the Kernel bandwagon from 2.2 to 3.6 (current to date).
     Each Distribution brings something unique to the table, but also brings a different set of dependencies. No so much of a problem till you realise most of the stuff you want hase to be cross compiled to work with multiple distributions. Although one interesting thing I can say about every current distribution  is they work well with 32bit packages and binaries. The problem with the dependencies issues is an application may need a library and a particular version number of that library. Then lets say we can't find a package to work with the distribution where using, no biggie lets compile from source, but then we run into another layer of dependence issues. Problem is its becoming an issue where as before it was not really much of a problem, the problem is the distributions are starting to become further separated. Creating more fragmentation.

    Now lets look at another issue, some time with in the past two to three years, The devs dropped support for what is now known as legecy hardware such as older ati and nvidia chipsets. Though they still work with current kernels and xorg setup, they only support vesa, so no 3d acceleration. This was a mild smack to the face from my love. But not the end of the world. We just go and install an older distribution  Great but most older distros don't have repositories up any more for the version of the distribution you wish to install. So even though you install the older distribution  you may not get the libraries you need for the applications you want to run, or the proprietary driver for your hardware form the distribution. All thats left is find the kernel source for the older distro and compile your devices modules manually.

   Last but not least, some applications did not grow with the distributions  Want to install UT2004, or Serious Sam, or even Fakk2? the Loki installer will work no problem, but you want have the dependencies you need to run the games, Why? Because they are looking for library files that are no longer available, library files that are one to two version different. CP your library file to the older version, then you run across Xfree86 issues or tty 0 drawing issues resulting in a seg fault. GAAAAH. Oh well at least there is wine. And one thing I have noticed is if it runs natively in Linux, or at least at one time did. It will work in wine

   I still believe that behind every windows machine is a Linux server. Meaning Linux is still the optimal server choice. But as for being a desktop pc, we will never really get there. Problem is simply the fragmentation, the change is library compatibility. In all honesty if I did not know as much as a did about architecture  then there is no way I would be able to use it in my day to day life. But I love a challenge, and I love knowing that everything I do with my version of Linux is unique to me. As for the server side, I would never trust a Windows server to Linux, that would just be ludicrous.

Baby its good to cd $HOME

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